20th August Woods concert


Levitation is probably the noun which could describe how I felt yesterday. After a hard day’s work I decided to go to one of the newest clubs in Hackney called Oslo. That night, Woods were on stage.

To be my first concert in London I must say it wasn’t surprised me. I knew I would enjoy the experience of music culture I always have expected from UK. All I’ve ever imagined since I was a child became true in my mind when I arrived and amps and speakers were vibrating. Firstly, I tested it with the supporting band, “The Ultimate Painting”. I could appreciate soon the Ray Davies influences. They took the sound from The Kinks latest albums sixties with amazing and good vibrating songs like “Ultimate Painting”. It reminded me those years of “Waterloo Sunset” with their pasted voices and their funny riffs. “Rolling in the deep end” was another that specially liked me because of its melancholic voice line catches you. Finally these four guys became in a sort “Creedence Clearwater Revival” and closed their show playing “Ten Street” with a great extended and powerful jam session. Conclusion, a decent band to collect their albums in your little hideout.

Then Woods arrived, with its discreet members who kept the mistery throughout the gig. What can I say about one of that bands you haven’t heard it about but you know their songs? They dropped a bomb. An spectacular beginning as a result of their folk sound with those psychedelic passages that seemed becoming the theme of the concert. Everything was fluent, with a perfect order. Expanding the songs beyond with large guitar solos, essential organs, seventies drums rhythms… The versatile frontman dressed all with his particular high tone voice and he embellished the stay in a day which seemed normal. A band totally able to go since energic folk with songs like “Cali in a cup”, “Leaves like glass” (which seem the bonus track of “Highway 61 Revisited”) until dark shadows of rock “West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band” used to play (“With light and with love”) . All of this with a sort considerable of psychedelic environment.

Conclusion, my first music trip in London which didn’t dissapointed me as I expected. Went back home with good taste in mouth and exhausted legs as well 😀

20th August Woods Concert


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